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2024 Events and Research

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  • The Future of Food
    Technology Impacts
    Vertical Farms | 3d Printing/Lab Meat
    The Future of Agriculture and Farming

  • The Future of The Blockchain
    Future Implications

  • The Future of the Metaverse and Web 3.0 … and The Internet
    Future Implications | 6G

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
    Future Developments | Singularity | Implications
    GPT-3 (and soon GPT-4), DALL-E, DALL-E 2, and Stable Diffusion

  • The Future of Money
    Analogue | Digital | Crypto Currency

  • The Future of Robotics
    Humanoid | Industrial

  • The Future of Clothing and Fashion
    Technology Opportunities and Impacts | Employment | Waste

  • The Future of Transportation
    Humans | Goods
    Air | Sea | Rail | Road
    Automation v Employment

  • The Future of Human Employment
    Humans | Automation | Artificial Intelligence | Robotics | Autonomous Transportation and Vehicles | Digital Humans | Technology

  • The Future of Manufacturing
    Technology Implications | Behavioural Science

  • The Future of Health
    Technology Developments

  • The Future of Marketing
    Technology Implications

  • The Future of Retail
    Technology Implications | Direct to Consumer

  • The Future of Property
    Homes | Offices | Factories | Shops | Restaurants | Entertainment Centres

  • The Future of Entertainment
    Technology Implications

  • The Future of Sport
    Technology Implications

  • The Future of Insurance
    Technology Implications

  • The Future of Art
    Technology Implications | VR | AR | XR | NFT’s
    Computer generated paintings and videos through GPT-3 (and soon GPT-4)

  • The future of the Luxury and High Net Worth Sector
    Technology Implications

  • Brain Machine Interfaces
    Applications | Impacts | Implications

  • 3D Printing
    Applications | Impacts

  • Drones
    Product Delivery | Surveillance | Film Making

  • Generative AI
    Applications | Impacts

  • Made in Space
    Applications | Impacts

  • The Legal Sector
    Technology Implications (e.g., Blockchain)

  • Trade Associations
    Technology Implications for Industry Members

  • The Future of the Financial Sector
    Technology Implications – The Future of Money and Digital Currencies

  • The Future of Energy
    Technology Developments

  • The Future of Consumers
    Technology Implications for spending and for employment
    Distribution of Wealth

  • The Future of Education and The Academic Sector
    Technology Implications for Schools and Universities

  • The Future of Governments
    Technology Implications for Politicians and for Citizens
    Legislation keeping up with Digital Transformation

Videos of Recent IORMA Events

  • December 2022 – Employee Health & Wellbeing – Lifestyle Medicine and Digital Health – Expert Panel Discussion
    Dimple Devadas, Psychological Coach (Health, Leadership and Creativity) | Noel O’Kelly, Clinical Director, Spirit Healthcare | Dr. John Sykes, GP, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine | Subashini M, Director of Science, Health & Wellness, Holland and Barrett | MODERATOR David Wortley, Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA
    >>> see more

  • December 2022 – What is the Metaverse? Impact on Business and Society Panel Discussion
    David Wortley, Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA; Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM); Founder and CEO of 360in360 Immersive Experiences | Hanene Maupas, CEO of MEXT B2B Metaverse | Jennifer Drury, Founder, BrandLab360 | Stephanie (Hoffmans) Palomino, CPO and General Manager of @Room3D | Andrew Grant Super, MD Berkeley Rand
    >>> see more

  • October 2022 – Online buying: What’s Next?
    David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresight (GFF), Futurist, Strategist and Member IORMA Advisory Board, Jennifer Drury, Founder, BrandLab360, Bill McKimm, Co-Founder, Thrive Club and Member IORMA Advisory Board, David Wortley, Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA; Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM); Founder and CEO of 360in360 Immersive Experiences
    >>> see more

  • September 2022 – Consumer Goods Returns
    Retail – Store | Online | Return to Manufacturer
    A discussion of the Reasons for, Implications of, Prevention Methods, Resale, Recycling, End of Life/Waste
    Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at Retail Systems Research LLC (“RSR”) USA | Steve Allen, Regional Sales Director UKI & MENA, Metapack Group
    >>> see more

  • May 2022 – Will Direct to Consumer D2C begin to supplant Retailing ?
    Join the discussion with experts in this field and a company selling directly to the consumer.
    Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at Retail Systems Research LLC (“RSR”) USA | Steve Allen, Regional Sales Director UKI & MENA, Metapack Group >>> see more

  • 3 March 2022 – IORMA Webinar : Hospitals, Technology And The Patient
    David Wortley, Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA; Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM); Founder and CEO of 360in360 Immersive Experiences | Professor Nora Colton, Director, UCL Global Business School for Health | Steve Dann, CEO, Medical Realities | Ashwin Sridhar, University College Hospital, London (UCLH) | Pelham Allen, Specialist Consultant on Hospital Organisational Transformation
    >>> see more

  • 24 February 2022 IORMA Webinar : How AI is enhancing Personal Development
    Experts who design the learning platforms will discuss the benefits that AI poses for personal development, and the challenges ahead with those who train and educate.
    Dr Julie Wall, Reader in Computer Science, Leader, Intelligent Systems Research Group and Director of Impact and Innovation for the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering , University of East London. | Dario D’Aprile, co-founder, Keptika and CEO, Human and Machine Ltd | Devi Kolli, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, i3 Simulations | Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini, Lecturer in Computer Science and Digital Technologies, University of East London | Callum Denyer, Co-Founder & CEO, WHYNESS Ltd
    >>> see more

  • 2 December – Green Manufacturing – what this involves and how to achieve success.
    Beverley Nielsen, Executive Director, IDEAS, Birmingham City University | Richard Hagan, Managing Director, Crystal Doors | Jules Morgan, Co-Founder, KPM Marine | Ben Towe, Group Managing Director, Hadley Group >>> see more

  • 14 October – Gamification
    How Gamification (games psychology and mechanics) can benefit business and personal ambitions
    Lucia Pannese, CEO, imaginary s.r.l. | Gal Rimon, CEO & Founder, Centrical | Helen Routledge, CEO, Totem Learning Ltd >>> see more

  • 17 June – Sustainable Buildings – Carl Callinghan, UEL; Anna Hollyman, UK Green Buildings Council; Dr Craig Robertson, AHMM; Heba Elsharkawy, University of East London; Dr Asif Din RIBA, Perkins & Will; Sam Turner, Resilient Works CIC >>> see more

  • 3 June – eCommerce in Africa – opportunities and challenges >>> see more

  • 20 May – Whole Life infrastructure Carbon Measurement – Sue Kershaw, Costain; Professor Ian Reeves, CBE; Lewis Barlow, Sweco UK and Scottish Office; Richard Jackson, UCL >>> see more

  • 6 May – Digital Identities – Who needs to verify? Erik Zvaigzne,; Christine Elliott, Independent Office for Police Conduct; David Smith, GFF – JOINT IORMA/CONVERGENCE.TECH webinar >>> see more

  • 22 April – Diamonds – Ultimate Luxury? Jewellery? Commodity? Heirloom? – Helen Dimmick; Pandora Mather-Lees; John Benjamin; Joanna Parkes-Tonks; Julie Hucker >>> see more

  • 8 April – Demystifying Blockchain – Dr Cathy Mulligan, Imperial College London; Saba Shaukat, Capita; Chami Akmeemana, Convergence Tech; Gary Nuttall, Distlytics >>> see more

  • 25 March Green Energy Simon Maine, OVO Energy; Greg Swensen, Briggs Macadam; Richard Jackson, UCL >>> see more

  • 11th March – Chatbots, Virtual Humans and Consumers – David Burden, Daden; Dr Julie Wall, UEL; James Laird, Intelligent Voice; Ross Edwards, IORMA >>> see more

  • 25 February Accelerating Irreversible Changes ? >>> see more

  • 11 February – The Future Employment Landscape >>> see more

  • 28 January – How Technology is changing Healthcare – Michael Phillips; David Wortley >>> see more

  • 14 January – What trends will most impact consumers in 2021? – Graeme Leach; Kurt Bayer; Jeff Cole; Greg Swenson  >>> see more

  • 10 December – IORMA Review and Consultation

  • 2 December – Global Digital Marketplaces
    An ‘IORMA Insight’ presentation by Professor Philip Treleaven, University College London (UCL)
    >>> see more

  • 26 November – A Revolution in the Insurance market. Is the Customer Experience being delivered? 
    Consumers now demand a much higher level of service quality, delivered on a digital platform and with an organisation which is continuously improving using agile techniques.
    >>> see more

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