Since the dawn of time, food and water have both remained a necessity for our survival. We have been able to use our intellect to form near-perfect meal plans as well as working out which foods contain the most beneficial nutrients and vitamins for us. We can see through this that the way we look at food has changed as time has passed, our understanding of how beneficial it can be to us has only grown.

IORMA FoodTech provides a view of the Future of Food

The accelerating fusion of Humanity with Technology is bringing about profound implications and impacts for Humanity.

With a current global population of c8 Billion which is continually increasing, there is an urgent need to plan and bring about methods and solutions to ensure that future humanity can be provided with the nutrients that they require to survive and stay healthy.

In particular, the production and distribution of food globally will require new approaches and methods to provide the ever-increasing volume of food and nutrients an ever-increasing global population will require and can afford to obtain.

Current day methods will not be sufficient in the future, especially against a background of future climate change and ever-increasing global population.

New Technology based methods exist and are being gradually introduced to complement and over time replace current methods.

However, these new technology methods will have profound long-term implications for society, as with other sectors that are having to adapt to the impacts of new disruptive technologies.

Two technologies of particular relevance to the Future of Food are:

  • Vertical Farms
  • 3D Printing/Lab Meat

Future impacts of the application of these two technologies alone will affect the whole global food chain: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Retailing, greatly reduced use of Land, Major environmental benefits, no more raising of live animals to be consumed by humans, reduced production and distribution/transportation costs, reduced human employment in the whole food chain.

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