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Foreseeing future trends … whilst … Recognising today’s realities and the ‘Inevitable Evolution’ fusion of Humanity with Technology


IORMA is a Foresight Research Organisation concerned with future trends in Global Consumer Commerce and the impacts of evolving disruptive technologies.

IORMA provides a range of services to assist organisations, businesses, governments and academia in preparing for the future (and avoiding surprises).

IORMA – The Global Consumer Commerce Centre is a 'Beacon of future positive hope', identifying the accelerating and evolutionary future fusion of global advanced technology with global humanity ... and all the positive hope that brings to humanity for a progressively better New World.



Prepare for the Future with IORMA News – February 2023

The World in 2070: Top 9 Future Technologies

The World in 2060: Top 9 Future Technologies

The World in 2050: Top 20 Future Technologies

The World in 2040: Top 20 Future Technologies

The World in 2030: Top 20 Future Technologies

What The 2030s Will Look Like with Ray Kurzweil

GPT-4 Artificial Intelligence

Singularity Timeline | Artificial Intelligence + AGI + ASI (2023 – 2100¹⁰⁰)
AI and the future of work: 5 experts on what ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools mean for artists and knowledge workers

The Latest Robots and Technologies of The Future: all The Technology News

The Latest Robots and Future Technologies

IORMA News - January 2023

Biotech - Explained

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How the world will change in the near future | All about the 14 most important techno-trends for 2023

What’s Next – 6G Communication

The Metaverse – An Inevitable Evolution ?

Artificial Intelligence In Retail: What Now ?

Digital Health Technologies and Lifestyle Medicine in the Corporate Sector

Robotics | Industrial and Humanoid – The Future

Brain Machine Interface (BMI)


Food and Technology, coming together as one?

Fashion and Technology

The Virtualisation of Real Life: Metaverse and NFTs

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What Can Retailers Do In Stores That Amazon Still Can’t?

The Future of Food

How Retailers Are Operationalizing Analytics With New KPI’s

Will Direct to Consumer D2C begin to supplant Retailing ?

Where Disruption Comes From … “two guys in a garage“

View Points – The Future of the Film Industry

Global Sustainable Energy - Elon Musk : The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

Global Digital Marketplaces - Professor Philip Treleaven, UCL

and much, much more ...



Employee Health & Wellbeing – Lifestyle Medicine and Digital Health – Expert Panel Discussion

What is the Metaverse ? : Impact on Business and Society | Panel Discussion

Online buying: What’s Next?

Consumer Goods Returns

Will Direct to Consumer D2C begin to supplant Retailing ?

IORMA Webinar : Hospitals, Technology And The Patient

IORMA Webinar : How AI is enhancing Personal Development

IORMA Webinar: Gamification

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IORMA Webinar: Ecommerce in Africa – The Opportunities

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IORMA Webinar: Infrastructure - Whole life carbon cost

IORMA Webinar: Digital Identity – who owns it, and why?

IORMA Webinar : Diamond Jewellery – The Ultimate Luxury asset ?

IORMA Webinar: Demystifying Blockchain – its uses

IORMA Webinar - Green Energy

IORMA Webinar - Chatbots, Virtual Humans and Consumers

IORMA Webinar - Accelerating Irreversible Changes ?

IORMA Webinar : The Future Job Landscape

IORMA Webinar : The Technology transforming Healthcare



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