Employee Health & Wellbeing – Lifestyle Medicine & Digital Health – Expert Panel Discussion

Employee Health & Wellbeing – Lifestyle Medicine and Digital Health – Expert Panel Discussion

December 2022

Coronavirus and its legacy has brought into sharp focus the economic impact of health and wellbeing to everyone in business and society. It has also acted as a catalyst to accelerate the development and application of digital technologies to mitigate the effects of ill health in general and pandemics in particular.

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Online meetings and webinars have helped to not only act as a preventative healthcare measure but also, in many cases, improve the work/life balance and employee cost burdens for travel.

Employers now have an opportunity to use different digital technologies for competitive advantage and profitable corporate social responsibility by exploring the potential of lifestyle medicine and digital health and wellbeing technologies.

This expert panel brings together thought leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine and digital health and wellbeing for preventative healthcare to discuss how these strategies can lead to improved employee health, productivity, staff retention and employer brand reputation.

The topics covered in this discussion include:

• What is lifestyle medicine?

• What are the key influencers for healthy physical and mental health?

• How can organisations support employees’ lifestyle behaviours and resources?

• How can remote care technologies support personal health management?

• How can digital health and wellbeing technologies improve staff welfare?

• What impact can these strategies have on performance and profitability?

Our speakers share their thoughts on these topics and what are the next likely developments.


Dr Dimple Devadas

Dimple Devadas, Psychological Coach (Health, Leadership and Creativity)


Noel O’Kelly, Clinical Director, Spirit Healthcare

Dr. John Sykes, GP, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Subashini-M, Director of Science, Health and Wellness, Holland and Barrett

Subashini M, Director of Science, Health & Wellness, Holland and Barrett


David Wortley

David Wortley, Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA

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