IORMA Luxury and Creative Centre Features

IORMA Luxury and Creative Centre Features

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Read about and see the video Welcome to the IORMA Luxury and Creative Centre, from Pandora Mather-Lees, Director of the IORMA Luxury and Creative Centre.

See below the growing range of Feature articles, videos and events concerning the Luxury and Creative Sector.

Wealth Management

Report on Wealth Management: Insights from the Citywealth Forum in London
IORMA Luxury Centre team recently spoke to the organisers of London’s Citywealth Forum.  Founded in 2005, Citywealth is an award-winning media organisation providing for the private wealth management industry.
The fourth annual Citywealth Forum, held on 14th May at The Clermont London, amassed leading figures from the global wealth management sector to discuss critical issues affecting the industry’s future.
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Global Luxury Drinks Industry

Analysis of the Global Luxury Drinks Industry 2023 and Forecasts for 2024
The global luxury drinks industry is undergoing a transformative phase, characterized by evolving consumer preferences, technological innovations, and emerging market trends.
Here, with a focus (as ever for IORMA) on the future and new technologies, we delve into the key market dynamics, trends, and forecasts shaping the luxury drinks industry in 2023 and beyond.
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London Luxury Property

Luxury Property Market Update – London
The luxury property market in the United Kingdom is a dynamic sector that reflects the economic landscape, global trends, and the evolving preferences of high-net-worth individuals. In this article, we will explore key statistics and insights from various sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the luxury property industry in the UK, with a particular focus on London.
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Woodhill Park Image Courtesy of Chris Hill of Savills

The UK Countryside Market
The UK Countryside Market continues to be a focal point of interest, especially in contrast to the fast-moving urban landscapes explored in our recent London market update. In this analysis, we delve into the nuances of the countryside market, assessing its current state, prevalent trends, and the factors shaping its trajectory.
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Monaco Yacht Show 2023: Maritime Industry News Update
According to Fortune Business Insights, the global luxury yacht market size is projected to grow from $7.67 billion in 2023 to $13.67 billion by 2030 …
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ransforming-Emotion_w by Louise Lakshmi

Art and Finance
Deloitte Art and Finance Report 2023
The Deloitte Art and Finance Report, serves as an annual guide for wealth managers supporting clients with significant art assets.

Art Business Conference

Creative Industries Update: The art market – a report on London’s Art Business Conference
Arts and Cultural economic activity accounts for 4.2% of the UK’s GDP. Figures for the 2022 art market reveal global sales of nearly $68 billion with the UK representing $11 billion or 18% of the global art market.
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