The Digital Transformation of The Retail Business Model – Part 2

The Digital Transformation of The Retail Business Model – Part 2

Benchmark Report
November 2023
Brian Kilcourse
Steve Rowen
Brian Kilcourse and Steve Rowen, Managing Partners, RSR Research
IORMA Advisory Board Members

The Authors of this FREE Report discuss the results of their Research in the video which appears below and also below is the link to download the FREE Report:

21.17 Minutes

Further to the initial results of the Survey as contained in the video The Digital Transformation of The Retail Business Model – Part 1, this Part 2 Video which appears above expands upon the following findings from the Survey:

• Defining Digital Transformation’s Impact
• Digital Transformation Can Help Retailers Achieve Several Strategic Objectives
• IoT Enables the New Digital + Physical Selling Environment
• RFID Is One Component of IOT
• Winners Are Clearly Leading
• Winners See Strategic Value In The Information That RFID Generates
• RFID’s Value By Product Category
• Business Challenges – Manage Costs, Grow The Business – Or Both ?
• As Retailers Make Progress On Inventory Visibility & Accuracy, Eyes Turn To The Consumer
• But Inventory Visibility & Accuracy Remains A Top-3 Issue For Retailers That Sell Big, Frequently Replenished Assortments
• Everywhere ! Opportunities – The Potential For Across-The-Board Improvements Is Huge
• Retail Winners See IoT As A Key To Both Reduce Risk And Unlock New Value
• Winners Also See IOT As An Enabler To Help Achieve Sustainability Goals
• Winners Also See Opportunities To Deploy IoT Solutions For Customer-facing Processes

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