How Gamification (games psychology and mechanics) can benefit business and personal ambitions

How Gamification (games psychology and mechanics) can benefit business and personal ambitions

Thursday 14 October 2021

Gamification has attracted a lot of attention over recent years as a way of engaging attention and influencing behaviours.

For many people, gamification has been associated with points, badges and leader-boards as tools to engage and motivate users.

The truth is that gamification offers far more and, when used appropriately, can transform business and personal activities.

Our expert panel of speakers will share their experiences of the use of serious games and gamification to engage users and achieve better outcomes.

A video of this Webinar appears below:


David Wortley, Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine and Virtual Conferences Director, IORMA

David was the Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) where he was responsible for the establishment of the SGI as an International Centre of Excellence and Thought Leadership in Serious Games and Immersive technologies.

He has regularly spoken at international conferences on immersive learning experiences and runs online workshops on rapid development of games-based immersive learning.


Lucia Pannese, CEO, imaginary s.r.l

Imaginary’s multidisciplinary teamdevelops game-based solutions for eHealth, education and smart cities, combining games psychology with a user-centric design approach, and a solid understanding of digital enabling technologies.

Luke Jamieson, CX/EX Thought Leader @Centrical

Luke is a top global CX influencer and thought leader on customer and employee engagement. Combining vision, high energy, creativity and execution, he’s an inspiring and refreshing keynote speaker, podcaster and blogger.

Luke’s been featured in the numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, is a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and studied design thinking at, Stanford University.

His approaches have attracted many coveted awards and his enthusiasm for CX and EX has helped shape some of Australia’s largest organisations customer and employee experience programs.

Helen Routledge, CEO, Totem Learning Ltd

Helen runs Totem Learning and is a leading advocate of developing the future of gamification, using more immersive experiences and a wider range of game mechanics to create long lasting engagement and true behaviour change.

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