IORMA | Webinar and Virtual Conference Hosting and Event Management

IORMA | Webinar and Virtual Conference Hosting and Event Management

IORMA Webinars and Events

What We Offer

  • Webinar and Virtual Conference Hosting and Event Management
  • Speaker and Panellist Video Interviews and Recordings
  • Presenter and Panellist Training and Coaching
  • From 100 to 10,000 online participants
  • Webinar and virtual conference video recordings and archives
  • Post event reporting on delegates, polling, Q&A etc
  • Pre-event email reminders
  • Post event emails to attendees and non-attendees
  • Panel discussion hosting and moderation
  • Participant networking facilitation
  • Sponsor tools for generating new business opportunities
  • Data analytics on registration sources
  • Customised registration pages
  • Speaker profiles
  • Hybrid conferences (synchronised physical and virtual events)
  • Virtual Conference Locations – Hold conferences around the world
  • Cultural tours and social networking events
  • Virtual Exhibitions and archived on-demand exhibitions

With 20 years experience of organising virtual and hybrid webinars, conferences and networking events, we believe we can provide the best possible value for money which is significantly less expensive than the cost of organising and managing physical conferences and exhibitions.

IORMA Webinars and Virtual Events

IORMA Video Production Services

IORMA Video Production

Video is today one of the most important tools to clearly get your message across and so it is vital to get it right. With years of experience we can help you create videos that are both concise and creative.


We will help create an appropriate campaign strategy with you whether you need one video or a number of them where you can for example have a short trailer followed by a talking head video then record and edit a webinar on your topic and a follow-up video to cover any questions.


We will help you with the script and story-boarding and with years of experience of making people feel comfortable in front of the camera we can give you training to make sure you make the most of every second of screen time.


Please contact us to discuss options.

For further information, please contact:

IORMA Webinars and Virtual Conferences

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