IORMA Events

Throughout 2019 IORMA will hold a varied series of Conferences, Roundtables, Briefings, Special Location Visits and Webinars

The range of topics covered at these IORMA Events will include the full range of New Technologies and New Approaches which will progressively impact Global Society and Global Economies, including :

3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Transport, Blockchain, Cognitive Computing, Drones, Holography, Internet of Things, New Materials, Nanotechnology, Payments, Robotics, Smart (Cities), Virtual and Augmented Reality


The Future for Consumers, The Future of Consumer Commerce, The Future of Employment, The Future Distribution of Wealth, The Future of Sustainability, The Future for Humans and Humanity and Technology

IORMA Events held in 2018 included :
  • 17 -19 April -IORMA Partner Event – World Retail Congress – WHERE IDEAS GO GLOBAL  – Madrid.  more information
  • 26 April – an IORMA Event – Response to the Select Committee report on AI event in the House of Lords, hosted by the committee Chairman, Lord Clement-Jones. more information
  • 22 May – IORMA Partner Event – Online & Digital Grocery Summit 2018. more information
  • 14 June – an IORMA International Networking Event with Michael Charlton, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Department of International Trade more information
  • 19 -21 June –  IORMA Partner Event – E tail Europethe pre-eminent Omnichannel and Retail e Commerce Conference more information
  • 25 – 26 June – Autonomous Machines World Conference – Berlin (IORMA speaker)
  • July – IORMA Partner Event –  Blockchain – supported by SAP (tbc)
  • September – an IORMA Event – Retail Tech Meets the Investor
  • October – an IORMA Event – CEE Retail at the Sharp End
  • 30 October – The Direct Commerce Association – Autumn Conference  more information
  • November – an IORMA Event on Omnichannel Fashion Retail
  • 15 November – Roundtable : Disruptive technologies – the opportunities and challenges with Stephen Metcalfe, MP, Chairman of the Science and Technology Select Committee and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI more information
  • December – Christmas Reception

For further information about any of IORMA Events please contact: 

The above schedule is subject to revision and any revisions will be announced

Read about and view previous IORMA Private Roundtables here

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