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An introduction to IORMA consulting

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IORMA consulting

IORMA is a network of experienced individuals who work in global consumer commerce.
Our compass uses data and experience to help you navigate your world.
We help our clients embrace change and deliver on their purpose by providing end-to-end software, processes and transformation services.
Every challenge provides an opportunity and in 2020 adaptation is the key.

IORMA Consulting


Challenges are everywhere

But with challenge, comes opportunity.
With the right leverage, you can adapt and transform your business for better long term value.

In 2020, covid-19 has accelerated market changes which poses both challenges and opportunities.
Climate change and the ‘debt re-balancing’ means accelerated change to come.

Retail physical restrictions
> Core retail channels are now in partial or restricted trading
> Suppliers and partners impacted and limited channels to sell
> Customer experience diminished

Ill-prepared Digital Offerings
> Limited digital offerings
> Immature customer journey
> Basic ‘sell somehow’ construct

Increased Risk
> Even if Digital solutions can take the strain are you still consistent, responsible and true to your brand?
> When lockdown eases are you still vulnerable to cyber attacks, increased costs and change?


Omnichannel opportunity
– Opportunity to rethink the business journey map both internally & externally
– Ready acceptance for digital user adoption
– Accelerate what you were doing anyway

Nurture Digital Demand
– Low costs to acquire customers
– Opportunity to capture more complete data and analytics to help drive profitability
– Solid environment to evolve fast and test new ideas to become stronger

Embrace change!
– Work the Darwin matrix to get a view on your consumer world
– Adapt iteratively – learn to fast fail on projects that protect revenue and reduce cost through improved technology and process
– Do you know which customer journeys matter?

Readiness to Change – Considerations

Can your business model become more agile?Do you know which customer journeys matter?Have you independently assessed your scalability?
Is your current model being disrupted by digital players or new market trends?Do you have a disciplined ‘fast fail’ approach?Do you have automated processes in place?
Do you have approved investment to change?Have you maximised engagement with your most profitable customers?Do you have robust cyber and privacy security implemented?
Do you need to be Digital, in-house or bring-in innovation collaboration to
succeed now?
Are you making iterative and automated data-driven decisions?Do you have availability that matches your marketing promise?
Is it ‘process and people’, not #Tech that holds you back from excellence?Do you streamline your teams periodically?

Our Core Proposition

Insight into your market

We employ data and research tools to give you valuable insight into your market to give you the What? & Why?

Reduced risk of delivery

Decades of expertise with proven models and connections for niche specialists help navigate risk to plan the Who? & How?

With a minimal investment

With our experienced talent in demand our model is quality over quantity and self-help to help you transform from within!

IORMA Consulting Offers
Up to* 75% Faster time to market.
+50% Increase in quality.
Up to 50% Increase in efficiency.
*depends on the tools and client – source GCP

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We’re partners for you

From Idea to RealisationFrom Pilot to Data learningManaged growth via services such as AI and RPA

We support you throughout the customer lifecycle in business

Transform your business

Delivering innovative, impactful and tailored solutions across your consumer world

Product Discovery Digital ConsumerCustom Solutions
User ResearchSetup multi-platformSelected People, Process & Technology outcomes
Pilot scenario and MVP buildConsumer CommerceCustomer focused applications
Feasibility testingDigital MarketingCloud deployment
Viability testingCustom SolutionsProduct management
Research & DevelopmentOmni-channelResearch & Development
Personalisation for long term customer profitability

From idea to delivery, we speed your time to market with less risk and lower investment than traditional corporates

Transform : Delivery approach

Phase 1
2 weeks
Phase 2
1-3 months*
Phase 3
During this phase, the IORMA consultants/experts will:The plan for this phase will be to:The core aim for Ongoing phase will be to scale and run new processes that were developed during the Implementation phase.
We work with you to ensure minimum risk but importantly a continued interest in iterative positive change.
Understand your brand in the marketBuild the core consumer commerce platform
Map the Customer JourneyIntegrate the defined product, supplier and customer journey
Create scenarios and conduct user researchPlan, activities, deliverables, team options and pricing for the Build Phase will be the result of the Design Phase outcomes and approval of an investment case with your team.
Create an MVP and agree a timeline with you
* estimated time for Implementation phase based on experience, and to be refined after Design phase.

Design Methodology

Phase 1 DESIGN
2 Weeks
During the Design phase the IORMA team will:
Underpinned by dataCreation ends in ideasDelivery ends in a satisfactory realisation of main aimUnderstand how you are positioned in your market
Understanding ends in InsightIdeatePrototypeMap the Customer Journey
EmpathyTestConduct user research and interviews
DefineMock-up product ideas
Create prototypes and MVP for trial
Propose and agree timeline and cost to build

IORMA Consulting

Why work with IORMA

  • We know your market and will give you a snapshot of your world with practical options for a low cost, low risk start
  • We have both technology & industry expertise to help you overcome your specific business challenges
  • We have unique methodologies like the Darwin matrix technology accelerators so we can impact faster
  • We are trusted by entrepreneurs and to the largest FTSE corporations as well as Government and Academia
  • We are small and offer quality over quantity with an option to scale with our connections and reach if desired
  • We partner with you and design for your long-term success.

For further information contact IORMA at:

e: [email protected]

t: +44 (0)207 0962729

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