IORMA Webinar – Market Trends: A Spotlight on the Nigerian Consumer

IORMA Webinar – Market Trends: A Spotlight on the Nigerian Consumer

August 2020

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According to The Washington Post, an African country south of the Sahara has grown from 15 percent urban 60 years ago to 40 percent urban today.

Urbanisation is fertile ground for consumer culture and Africa has witnessed consumer trends evolve rapidly in Sub Saharan Africa over the past decade.

In Nigeria, (Africa’s biggest economy) the shift toward a more prosperous consumer class is unmistakable. Although the vast majority of Nigerians have low levels of income, there is an important and growing opportunity within a subset of the population. Given the country’s large population the portion of people defined as middle and upper class represent a sizeable pool of potential consumers. Research conducted by McKinsey & Company showed that a significant 11 to18 percent of urban households – numbering over 2 million –have purchasing power and annual incomes over $10,000, which puts them in the modest affluent class. Half of the country’s growth in wealth will come from these households.

Capturing these trends remains a challenge.

• Market Accessibility
• Measuring Consumer Trends
• SME Development
• Digital Marketing


Juliana Olayinka

Juliana Olayinka Broadcast Journalist
Juliana Olayinka is a broadcast journalist bolstering the African narrative from within the diaspora. She has contributed to output in the world’s leading newsrooms including Bloomberg, BBC, Thomson Reuters and ITN. Currently Juliana is the host of the weekly Business show ‘Channels Business Global’ airing on Channels Television. Nigeria’s largest network.


David Smith - British African Business Alliance

David Smith – Chairman @British African Business Alliance
David Smith is the Chairman of the British African Business Alliance. It is a diaspora-led network for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Development Organisations and Investors in Africa. Members are looking at opportunities to do business with partners in the Diaspora, with UK businesses, or on the Continent.

Bolaji Sofoluwe – Director @ETK Group
Bolaji Sofoluwe is the Director of ETK Group. A leading consultancy for African market entry and African business growth. Bolaji has a proven track record of strategically positioning businesses—from start-ups to established corporates—to thrive within complex African markets. Her focus has been helping these companies overcome the challenges of the unique business landscape of the continent; achieving scale while developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Bolanle Olowookere

Bolanle Olowookere – With over 10 years’ experience in the elite servicing industry, Bolanle is considered one of the most sought after concierge and travel resources in the UK. Highly skilled in building relationships, networking and fulfilling client dreams, if you want it enough, Bolanle can make it happen. With her professional demeanour and insatiable thirst for concierge and travel, she continues to strive for excellence by inspecting the top properties around the globe, planning unique events and building her expertise around her passion.  Always there to pro-actively anticipate your needs, negotiate exclusive savings and deliver the highest level of personal service. Bolanle has been the reference point of the luxury travel/retail industry within the High Net Worth (HNW) African community 

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