IORMA Webinar: Health v Wealth: What are the consequences ?

IORMA Webinar: Health v Wealth: What are the consequences ?

30 April 2020

View the video of the webinar here

IORMA has brought together a distinguished panel (see below) who have considerable business, financial, economic, political and technological experience. They will look forward at which will prove to be dominant – Global or Local; humans or technology; East or West; North or South; young or old ….

The decisions taken almost universally to overcome the pandemic will have untold ramifications. Our current extraordinary circumstances are changing long established norms.

Unprecedented national debts, uptake of new technology, climate changes, new world orders, and generational tensions are just some of the factors which will shape the world as we emerge from this pandemic.

Some positive changes have been the application and take up of new technologies across many sectors, the community support, the reduction in air pollution and a recognition of the importance of national manufacturing capability.

Other consequences are going to be more challenging – the huge national debts, the tensions between northern and southern countries in the EU, the shifts in world power and possible tensions between the young and the old.

Please join us for this discussion which will set the scene for future discussions concentrating on one or more of the challenges.


Kurt Bayer is Senior Research Associate at wiiw (The Vienna Institute of International Economic Studies), having previously been a Board Director at the World Bank (2002/2004) and Board Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2008/12).
He was Deputy Director General for Economic Policy and International Financial Institutions at the Austrian Ministry of Finance from 1995 to 2008.
He has degrees in law (University of Graz, Austria, 1966), international relations (Johns Hopkins Bologna Center, 1967), economics (University of Maryland, 1971).

Bob Young

Bob Young spent half of his working life in commercial and planning roles in UK manufacturing industry, up to and including CEO level. Whilst with Vickers plc, Bob was seconded full-time for two years to central government – first to the Central Policy Review Staff (better known as the Government Think Tank) then to the 10 Downing Street Policy Unit under Margaret Thatcher. Bob was subsequently appointed to the Monopolies & Mergers Commission for six years and to the US-UK Fulbright Commission for ten years. 
Subsequently Bob embarked on a career in business consulting, firstly with Coopers & Lybrand followed by Europe Economics, bringing business experience to bear on economic analysis and working with a variety of government departments at home and abroad. He worked extensively outside the UK with substantial projects for the European Commission, the European Parliament, Irish regulators, and the Government of the Cayman Islands.  His sectoral experience is diverse, encompassing automotive, telecoms, gambling, and (hilariously) Turkish chewing gum and Chinese manhole covers.

Roger Willison Gray

Roger Willison-Gray, IORMA Corporate Affairs Director, has over 25 years’ experience in managing enterprise change through successful digital transformation.  After an early career in the Military, he joined Cable and Wireless in 1984 working in the Middle East. Recruited by IBM he worked on early E-Commerce initiatives during the 90’s at the very beginning of the introduction of the World-wide-Web. Later joining Steria in developing on-line payment solutions and then Logica as head of their smart ticketing team. He worked with many organisations including Transport for London, Transport for Greater Manchester and Transport for the West Midlands delivering smart and integrated ticketing solutions across the UK. In 2012 he led the digital transformation of CalMac ferries and created the Digitally Connected Customer programme to transform customer experience. He has recently led the successful Digital Transformation of a care organisation; Roger is regular speaker at events and is a passionate advocate for smart living and smart care solutions.

Richard Emmott

Richard Emmott (IORMA Moderator), IORMA Consulting Director. Richard gained his degree in Business Administration at Bath University.
Richard has a career background transforming businesses with a digital innovative bias in technology, retail and consumer markets.
One could say I have now done too many years in senior roles transforming businesses with a digital innovative bias.  I am fortunate that the rapid change in technology, retail and consumer markets in which I have focused, has kept me agile and able to adapt.
My most recent role was to help author and then execute the strategy for a Retail and CP practice of a PE backed global digital solutions company with 3,500 employees. This then needed to have a whole new chapter to consider how one should work in the present covid-19 period…  the story for all us continues.
Retail and technology have usually been good at adapting to change. Today, more than ever, we need to collaborate and share ideas so that we all adapt for the better. Humanity and ethics cannot be an after- thought in a world of rapid change and challenge.
A passion outside work is sport where I feature as a part time triathlete. Once a high ranked swimmer I only train infrequently but still love the ‘break’ it gives me away from a busy world.
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change … Charles Darwin

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