Explainable Artificial Intellligence (XAI) Webinar – Tackling the Black Box Problem of AI-Based Decision Making

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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Webinar – Tackling the Black Box Problem of AI-Based Decision Making

26th March 2020

View the video of the webinar here

Moderator: Dr Julie Wall, Reader in Computer Science, University of East London (UEL)


  • Nigel Cannings, Chief Technology Officer, Intelligent Voice
  • Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future
  • Pete Trainor, Chief Executive Officer, Vala Health
  • Roger Willison-Gray, Corporate Affairs Director, IORMA

The free webinar replaces the seminar planned to have taken place in the University of East London’s (UEL) lecture theatre in front of computer science graduates and undergraduates. IORMA has teamed up with UEL to discuss the value of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) which allows end users to track the data used to reach a specific conclusion. This is becoming increasingly important in a sceptical world which demands greater transparency.

For more information about Explainable Artificial Intelligence XAI,
see here Explainable Artificial Intelligence XAI

This webinar is part of a series in which IORMA demonstrates its thought leadership, helping to identify the impact of the application of disruptive technologies. IORMA brings together the latest thinking in the business and academic world on subjects of great importance and helps forge ongoing relationships which have proved mutually beneficial.

Biographies of the Moderator and Panel members.

Dr Julie Wall is Senior Lecturer and leads the Intelligent Systems Group of the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE), University of East London. Her research interest focuses on deep neural networks for speech enhancement and recognition. Julie explores the overarching research area of designing intelligent systems for processing and modelling temporal data. This primarily involves the architectures and learning algorithms of neural networks for a variety of data sources, including numerical, audio, images, video, 3D etc. Julie is co-author of a number of publications including Towards a More Representative Definition of Cyber Security and Deep Laterally Recurrent Spiking Neural Networks for Speech Enhancement. She maintains collaborative R&D links with industry.

Nigel Cannings was trained as a lawyer and has worked for some of the world’s largest law firms and software companies. Nigel has been the CTO of Intelligent Voice, Speech Recognition Expert, for the last 7 years. Nigel relishes new challenges, exploring new ways of stretching existing techniques and technology. A recent commission led him to recovering data from an “unbreakable” portable recording device. He has secured UK government funding for leading-edge speech research, such as ultra-high speed GPU accelerated speech recognition, and emotional analysis of telephone calls. Nigel contributes regularly to a number of publications, including the Huffington Post, and the Global Legal Post, and well as blogging on the Intelligent Voice website. He has featured in a number of newspaper articles, including the front page of the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also made a video looking at the advanced techniques used by Intelligent Voice to track trader wrongdoing.

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Fast Future. His prime expertise lies in helping clients understand and shape the emerging future. He has a particular interest in how we can create a very human future by putting people at the center of the agenda. Rohit is the co-author of Designing Your Future, lead editor and a contributing author for The Future of Business, Beyond Genuine Stupidity—Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, The Future Reinvented—Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, A Very Human Future—Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World, editor of Technology vs. Humanity, and co-editor and contributor for two forthcoming books: Unleashing Human Potential—The Future of AI in Business and 50:50—Scenarios for the Next 50 Years.

Pete Trainor joined Vala as CEO in November 2019 after successfully exiting his Data-Driven Design, and AI business, Nexus. He has worked at the forefront of human-focused technology for 20 years. In 2017 Pete was voted one of the three most influential people in the UK digital industry by e-consultancy. His focus at Vala is on growing the business into a global leader in Telehealth, guiding the team to more innovative ways of providing care, and creating a culture where staff feel empowered, trusted and able to flourish. He is the bestselling author of “Human-Focused Digital”, and has a very simple philosophy; Don’t do things better, do better things™.

Roger Willison-Gray IORMA Corporate Affairs Director, has over 25 years’ experience in managing enterprise change through successful digital transformation.  After an early career in the Military, he joined Cable and Wireless working in the Middle East. Recruited by IBM he worked on early E-Commerce initiatives during the 90’s at the very beginning of the introduction of the World-wide-Web. Later he joined Steria in developing on-line payment solutions and then Logica as head of their smart ticketing team. He worked with many organisations including Transport for London, Transport for Greater Manchester and Transport for the West Midlands delivering smart and integrated ticketing solutions across the UK. In 2012 he led the digital transformation of CalMac ferries and created the Digitally Connected Customer programme to transform customer experience. He has recently led the successful Digital Transformation of a care organisation; Roger is a regular speaker at events and is a passionate advocate for smart living and smart care solutions.

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