Mastercard and Carrefour bring the future of automated shopping to life by launching Mobile Scan to Go – Pick, Pack, Pay – your weekly shop in 3 easy steps

Mastercard and Carrefour are working right at the forefront of customer innovation in Poland. On test now, but scheduled for nationwide rollout is an advanced mobile scan to go solution with a ‘technology exquisite’ difference.

Our IORMA roving reporter was visiting a Carrefour store in downtown Warsaw to check out the latest in payment innovation in Polish retail.

Yes you’ve got the great benefits of not having to queue, the accuracy of checking product yourself, but at Carrefour there’s a superb feature which is the option to pay with your mobile. Another great advantage is that your weekly shopping list, plus account is created automatically right at your fingertips in your mobile phone. No need for hand written bits of paper or those routine calls from store to home to check what you need to buy. It’s simple pick, pack, pay. Join up to Carrefour’s App and they’ll do the rest.

The payment interface is great. The weekly shopping list in your mobile phone really cool. The technology opens up a wealth of mega new customer engagement opportunities; pick, pay, collect; click, pay, drop and in the future virtual pick, pay and collect without a trolley – this is just the start of some great mobile shopping experiences. It’s going to get really personal.

Carrefour and its technology partners are continually developing new innovations to improve the shopping experience. The customer centric shopping experience is about to take off, big time.



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