Singularity Timeline | Artificial Intelligence + AGI + ASI (2023 – 2100¹⁰⁰)

Singularity Timeline | Artificial Intelligence + AGI + ASI (2023 – 2100¹⁰⁰)


 | IORMA Disruptive Technologies Strategy Director

According to ChatGPT, the singularity is a term used to describe the point in time when artificial intelligence (AI) will have advanced to the point where it surpasses human intelligence.

At this point, the singularity is believed to trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unexpected changes to human civilization.

The concept of the singularity is often associated with futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, who has written extensively about the subject and popularized the term. It’s also a popular topic in science fiction.

However, it’s important to note that the singularity is a highly speculative concept and there is much debate among experts about whether or not it will ever occur.

The video below expresses one view of the possible timeline and impacts for Singularity, where Artificial Intelligence becomes as Intelligent as Human Intelligence … and beyond to Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) where ASI progresses to levels of intelligence greater than Human Intelligence.

The video also considers the evolution and implications for humanity of AI and ASI.

Whilst some of the views expressed in this futuristic video do not necessarily reflect IORMA’s view, clearly ever accelerating advances in technology will increasingly bring about much future change impacting humanity and the growing fusion of technology with humanity.

Singularity Timeline | Artificial Intelligence + AGI + ASI (2023 – 2100¹⁰⁰)

Video courtesy of AI News

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