IORMA Consulting

IORMA offers strategic consulting on all dimensions related to Global Consumer Commerce.
IORMA Consultants are experienced people from Industry and who possess a wide and detailed knowledge and experience of all the individual elements that are involved in the Global Consumer Commerce sector. 

IORMA’s research efforts are focused exclusively on the OMNI Channel revolution and its impact on business decisions and strategies. Our goal is to answer the important questions, giving our clients the critical data, insight and advice they need to profit in today’s always-on world.

IORMA’s research methodology is designed to respond to every facet of our clients’ research and advisory needs. It begins with a foundation of key trends and market facts, driven by primary research and data. Our experienced analysts continuously scan the ecosystem, read industry news, attend events and meet with market players to provide a balanced approach to creating key insights in our research deliverables for our clients. Finally, and most importantly, we provide clients with the implications stemming from these fact-driven insights. These implications allow our clients to better understand and exploit the revenue opportunities enabled by the Omni Channel revolution.

Through our innovative IORMA Knowledge Hub we examine lucrative opportunities in and around the ecosystem. This new product family and our new research delivery platform combine of actionable research highly targeted forecasts and surveys, daily news analysis and more to provide our clients with actionable insights about growth opportunities.

Our research reports form the core of our offering, with qualitative analysis focused exclusively on the transformational effects of Omni channel. Analyst insights draw on a wealth of proprietary IORMA data from exclusive continuous surveys conducted with thousands of enterprises and consumers, along with in-depth Market monitors and comprehensive forecasts

Armed with exclusive IORMA data on the, enabling technologies, and emerging business models across the ecosystem, we provide timely, actionable and accessible research that helps clients make informed business decisions today, as well as plan for the future. Our research gives clients the market advantage they need in an increasingly challenging economy.

Example of areas/highlights we cover include:

  • Surpassing customer expectations to increase loyalty and spend.
  • Understanding key learning’s from the eCommerce industry to maximise profits in Retail.
  • Multichannel, Cross-channel, Omni-Channel: Converging the space between offline and online.
  • The rise of the tablet: Exploiting the desktop experience in a mobile device to increase conversion.
  • Harnessing online customer data to optimize personalization, improve conversion and drive revenue.
  • How will eCommerce change the future of retail?
  • eCommerce in the Boardroom: Streamlining your digital offering for multichannel and moving from bricks to clicks.
  • Profitable overseas expansion: Successfully leveraging your business internationally
  • Exploiting social media: Driving footfall in-store and online from enhanced consumer engagement.
  • Optimization of mobile commerce: Understanding the mobile trends and the customer journey.

For further information about IORMA’s Consulting services please contact us at :


t: +44 (0)207 096 1729


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