Fast food brands dominate the latest social media benchmark

Fast food brands lead the way when it comes to engaging with their social media users, according to the latest Food and Beverage Social Media Benchmark from IORMA and eDigitalResearch.

According to the latest results, McDonald’s, Nando’s and Domino’s appear within the top five across all benchmark’s league tables thanks to their huge global following.

With a combined following of 85million followers on Facebook alone, it’s clear to see that these three brands have an extensive global social media strategy. All three brands have increased their follower numbers since the last wave back in September 2014, indicating that their already existing popularity on social media accounts helping them reach an even larger audience.

The latest benchmark also found that global pizza chain Papa John’s have jumped an impressive fifteen places in the Facebook league table, having gained more than 2million new followers since the last wave back in September 2014. By creating diverse content such as videos and competitions Papa John’s have increased their brand recognition considerably over the past few months, beating rival Domino’s in the overall league table.

Given its vast global audience it is no surprise that Starbuck’s have over 3.5million followers on Google+ – over 3million more than second place Nando’s. Starbucks use their social fans in their product development process with their latest #FanFlavors campaign enabling followers to voice their opinion for products which are in the pipeline, helping to create brand loyalty and advocacy.

eDigitalResearch have been benchmarking retailers social media presence for over five years. During that time, there has been an increased appetite for consumers to get involved with their favourite brands. The use of social media channels within the food and beverage sector has increased, enabling brands to reach larger audiences, leverage off of consumers emotions and engage with their customers in real-time.

Kat Hounsell, Sales and Marketing Director at eDigitalResearch comments, “The use of social media is now paramount for food and beverage brands. Our most recent benchmark results demonstrate that having a creative and interactive social media strategy is key to increasing your brands presence. Given the social nature of the food and beverage market, listening to feedback and creating a connection with your customers on a local and global level is key to increasing your brand following and overall, improving the brand experience”.

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