Trust and Privacy

IORMA has chosen to partner with the TRUSTe the global leader in data privacy management solutions to provide retailers with a range of data privacy management education, research and solutions to help you to unlock the full value of your data while building trust, driving engagement, and ensuring compliance across all your online channels.

TRUSTe solutions, which include privacy by design consulting, privacy certifications, website monitoring tools, and preference management platforms ensure companies can safely use data across all their digital business channels, including websites, mobile apps. cloud services, social networks, email, and advertising.

All TRUSTe solutions are engineered to enable businesses to continuously develop new and innovative products and marketing programs while building trust and driving engagement by adhering to best practices for providing customers with transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information.

Over 5,000 clients including Apple, Disney, eBay, Forbes, HP, and Microsoft rely on TRUSTe to ensure they can comply with evolving and complex international privacy requirements.

TRUSTe’s privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers worldwide as a sign of responsible privacy practices.

TRUSTe is a member of the IORMA Advisory Board to provide insight on Trust and Privacy issues in the global OMNI retailing sector.

TRUSTe – Privacy Assessment Manager

Find our more about TRUSTe’s new Privacy Assessment Manager system here

TRUSTe Website Monitoring Privacy Index: Travel Edition

Key Findings
Leveraging its industry-leading technology the Website Monitoring Service, TRUSTe analysed the top 25 travel industry sites, proactively monitoring all tracking activity with the highest degree of third party detection available. In reviewing travel sites, the TRUSTe Website Monitoring Service uncovered:

  • A total of 1187 tracking occurrences spread across:
    • Global travel portals – 516
    • U.S. airline websites – 386
    • EU airline websites – 262
    • Middle East and Asian airline websites – 23
  • Third party tracking averages of:
    • Global travel portals – 65
    • U.S. airlines websites – 40
    • EU airlines websites – 66
    • Middle East and Asian airline websites – 12

See the full TRUSTe Privacy Index – Website Monitoring Travel Edition 2013 here

See the TRUSTe video on Data Privacy here

Introductory IORMA Member offer:
The TRUSTe Website Monitoring Service is a solution for businesses, enabling online retailers to prevent loss of customer data, improve website performance, and manage privacy risks due to unwanted third party trackers.

TRUSTe is offering IORMA members a free 100 page scan of your website.
To apply please contact IORMA at

For more details about TRUSTe please go to or call +44 (0)203 626 0109.

For further information please contact us at:

t: +44 (0)207 096 1729


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