Supply Chain Logistics – The South African Control Tower

People have has often referred to South Africa as the gateway into Africa. Applying the principal of reducing costs through less touch points in the supply chain equates to major savings and efficiencies. The more you touch cargo in the supply chain the more it costs, simple maths.  South Africa is not the gateway into Africa but rather the Control Tower into Africa. Cross trade is booming and South Africa is leading the way.

With global companies looking to Africa for future growth opportunities, there has never been a more opportune time to look at direct foreign to foreign cross trade as a solution to open up and optimise trade into Africa. Routing cargo through South African ports and airports has become an expensive, timely and a compliance riddled challenge. Direct trade from origin to final African destinations is the answer to efficiency and reduced cost in the supply chain.  South African suppliers sell products globally, purchase the product from global suppliers and direct ship the product to your buyer. With world respected corporate governance and professional business platforms South Africa leads the way in Africa, and is the preferred choice for African companies sourcing product.

South Africa has spent years building a reliable supply source as the major importing country in Africa and certainly has the expertise and infrastructure to assist those companies looking at the African market. The key however is to partner with global logistics experts that have a global footprint of offices and technology that can assist with a door to door solution from global supplier door to final destination in Africa. No transhipments or delays just direct foreign to foreign seamless movement, visible and affordable.


Richard Phillip Mallabone
Managing Director
SEKO Logistics – South Africa (An IORMA Associate)
July 2015



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