Money for Jam (M4JAM)

Why was M4JAM created

M4JAM was established to create social change through micro-jobbing, bringing value to brands real-time, from real customers – ultimately bringing brands and consumers closer together.



M4JAM challenges the status quo; we believe that you should be able to make ends meet, so we provide jobbers with the opportunity to earn extra cash to supplement their incomes.

This means they are strongly invested in the platform, providing more authentic information than ever before, allowing companies to rapidly gather real-time data and solicit real consumer insight at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

The focus is not on solving unemployment – it is around creating a platform for people to earn extra money whilst they go about their daily routines. Technology will play a huge role in changing the market and stimulate the economy through the opportunities it can create by allowing people to earn money on the go. International platforms like Gigwalk, Fiverr, and Task Rabbit have all proved it can be done. M4JAM is building an African version catering for our market dynamics and needs. By people earning money on their phones and the money being added to the M4JAM wallets, it presents an opportunity for them to spend it on goods and services as a result driving and stimulating the economy.

Each year trend reports claim it’s the year of mobile. It has realistically been the year of mobile for the last 10 years. Brands just have not been able to leverage this effectively in a way that offers scale, real engagement and the opportunity to build real relationships. M4JAM fundamentally redefines how brands can build a relationship with their clients, via true mobile engagement. As a simple example, mystery shopping is typically done by mystery shopping experts – who are not real customers. M4JAM enables brands to do mystery shopping with their real customers, receiving genuine insights that can inform their business decisions. This helps grow the relationship between consumers and brands. We’re enabling engagement so that brands can understand their consumers, working with them to build a better service or product set that consumers are really asking for. The reality is that it’s what the consumer says about the brand which makes or breaks it. M4JAM enables brands and consumers to build their business together – through trust and transparency.

From a business perspective, if traditional thinking is disrupted, businesses can expect sustainable profitable business growth. Delivering more focused solutions to consumers (and encouraging staff to get more involved in this process) enables productivity, improving trust and transparency. From a consumer perspective, it drives loyalty and answers the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) mantra that drives consumers buying decisions. The value of disruptive business models is that they produce efficiencies real time – building trust and transparency between the consumer and business. 

M4JAM(Money for Jam) provides brands, business and NGOs with unbiased, real-time data insights from real customers across South Africa. M4JAM enables market research, mystery shopping, merchandising, product training, brand activations, audit and compliance solutions quicker, cheaper, at scale and in real time.

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