IORMA Millennials

IORMA Millennials is a global group run and developed by young people who have lived their adolescent years over the turn of the Millennium. Having grown up in a world of social media, the IORMA Millennials are made up of young minds at the forefront of the technological generation.

The IORMA Millennials seek to provide their parent company IORMA with information on retail from analysing the influence of social media on trends and consumer psychology of young people.

The IORMA Millennials view retail as a multi-faceted and connected channel. It is a holistic concept. We operate in the innovation dimension; technology is constantly developing and IT is expanding. We pride ourselves on our specialist insight into the depth of the internet and its role in driving consumer psychology.

Ultimately IORMA Millennials hold the key to comprehending the speed of innovation in the fastest expanding quaternary sector of the economy. We look to utilise this knowledge to give R&D consultancy from a young person’s creative perspective.

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