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The following themes will be included in a growing program of IORMA Webinars, Roundtables, Conferences, Special Location Visits.

All IORMA Events are based within the context of Global Consumer Commerce.

The Future Impacts and Implications of Technology

These technologies include:

Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain | Augmented and Virtual Reality | Biometrics | Robotics | 3D Printing | Autonomous Transport | Drones | Facial Recognition

The Sectors concerned include the following:

  • The Insurance Sector
  • The Travel Sector
  • The Entertainment Sector
  • The Retail Sector
  • The Manufacturing Sector
  • The Construction Sector
  • The Employment Sector
  • The Health Sector
  • The Property Sector
  • The Transportation Sector
  • The Communications Sector
  • The Sports Sector
  • The Consumer Payments Sector
  • The Energy Sector
  • The Food and Beverage Sector
  • The Legal Sector
  • The Marketing Sector
  • Trade Associations

Further details about all the above Events and other new Events will appear on this page.

For further information about Speaking Opportunities, Sponsorship Opportunities and Attendance Opportunities at any of the above events or for information about please contact IORMA at:

e: IORMA Events
+44 (0)207 096 1729

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