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At IORMA we’re passionate about working in sectors which are rapidly unbundling. In our world we like to talk about  ‘Disruption in Context’. Our membership’s got massive experience in consumer finance and retail.

It strikes us that many of the processes in creating customer centric healthcare or put more simply getting you to take ownership of your health are already well established in other sectors and there’s lots we can do to bring our expertise to the table to improve health ecosystems around the world.


Healthcare is a highly regulated environment and one of the results of that is that its value is locked up in silos. Whilst it is undisputable that technological innovation has grown exponentially over the last decades, real consumer value is inhibited by the inability of current stakeholder systems to capture value:


From our research and in depth experience of the advanced technologies which are unbundling media retail, automotive and consumer finance there is much experienced to be shared. We want to share it to make sure people can take ownership of their health and get a great customer experience  

IORMA – creating customer centric journeys 

Empowered by a range of new technologies available directly to consumer’s mobiles, one space health is not far away. Key ingredients and drivers are:

  • Wearables
  • Fitness & wellbeing
  • Public health
  • Telcos
  • Pharma
  • Private health provider
  • Insurance
  • Web & digital 
IORMA – 360 healthy wheel 

The key question who is going to drive a consumer led approach – putting the customer right at the centre of their health? We would like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey.  


 A number of key drivers of tomorrow’s healthcare ecosystem have asked us to engage. All the technology is there to unbundle healthcare – creating a great consumer journey, leading a healthy life, predicting future prognosis and  unlocking the value of personalized medicine.



IORMA – mapping the future journey 

Big data is the core of this new approach. Understanding today, your family history and matching it up with today’s diagnostics to improve health provisions and outcomes – IORMA champions a multi-partisan approach.


We are creating a small group of stakeholders with a strategic interest in healthcare to pioneer our journey:

4 Round Tables in 2018 

  • My health – big data;
  • Tele health – a digital journey
  • Precision Medicine
  • Customer Centric Medicine


  • IORMA ilab – healthtech hub 
  • Health Policy Debate

For more information concerning IORMA Health Futures please contact us here 
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