Features from the World of Consumer Commerce

October 2017

Having more, owning less: how to fight throwaway culture

September 2017

Universal Basic Income … an ongoing conversation …

Machine gaydar: AI is reinforcing stereotypes that liberal societies are trying to get rid of

August 2017

The new industrial revolution: robots are an opportunity, not a threat

July 2017

Tech firms want to detect your emotions and expressions, but people don’t like it

July 2017

News from IORMA Africa – Summer 2017

June 2017

Amazon & Whole Foods Acquisition … Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again …

June 2017

Self-service Technology (SST): Between Receptivity & Reproach

June 2017

Human voices are unique – but our study shows we’re not that good at recognising them

April 2017

The Changing Role of Voice in 2017


Gen Z are focused on social reputation and rely more heavily on virtual communities over face to face for recommendations

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